A film by Suman Mukhopadhyay

Novel Nabarun Bhattacharya
Screenplay & Direction Suman Mukhopadhyay
Runtime 95 mins.
Language Bengali
Color Color (Fuji)
Printed film format 35 mm

About the Film:

This story is a cinematographic flash-forward. Biren was Manmatha’s helper during that night in the hospital. He was a temporary worker in Manmatha’s Corporation office. However, he subsequently lost his job and turned into a cranky, withdrawn man who lives on the charity of his neighbors in the suburbs of Kolkata. His wife is a ladies’ tailor working from home. Biren is distressed one day when a bomb is dropped and a couple of bullets fired at a local construction site. People speculate that the conflict between opposing factions of the construction mafia will result in some murders. This leaves a deep impression on Biren. He goes around asking various people – his doctor, goons, neighbors and a local political leader– just one pathetic question: “I have nothing to fear, do I?” People laugh at the paranoia of this non-entity. A few young smalltime goons catch hold of Biren one evening in a secluded place and try to make fun of him. They make him hold an empty pistol to his forehead and press the trigger. A bullet comes out and kills Biren. They didn't know that even if one takes the magazine out, one bullet stays in the chamber. Nobody knew that the bullet was waiting there for few decades to kill Biren. 


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